We’re divided, and it hurts. But we can learn how to connect across the space between us.

Hi, I’m Krystle. I help curious, socially-conscious, and open-hearted individuals and organizations learn how to navigate the race conversation.

We feel torn, divided, and alone. That’s why I create calming, safe spaces to facilitate dialogue that unclogs communication pipelines and improves connection.

There’s a big gap between assuming we should already know how to have the race conversation, and becoming equipped with the tools we need to actually have productive conversations about race that build shared understanding.

I’m here to help you connect-the-dots so we can close the gap. Because life is less lonely when our stories are woven together.




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Learn 3 practical strategies to stop tip-toeing + start connecting when race comes up (even if you’re afraid).



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A safe space to talk about hard things with (not at) each other.

Join the conversation. Real people, real feelings, real conversations about race. Hosted by Krystle Cobran (yours truly). Click the button to listen to Season One.

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