I’m here to help you connect more and fear less.

Because life is less lonely when our stories are woven together.





I’ll design the group workshop you need.

Open conversations about race are nearly impossible when we feel lonely and disconnected. That’s why I create & lead custom conversation-driven workshops about race that open communication pipelines, lay a foundation for growth, and leave each participant feeling seen and heard.

I’ll meet you right where you are. Because real change begins with genuine connection.


You don’t have to go it alone.

You need to be listened to. You need concrete steps that create sustainable real-world shifts. You need transparency. And you need tools that are customized to fit your specific needs, worries, and challenges. You need a space filled with peace where you can ask hard questions, start connecting the dots, and get clarity.

Working with me one-on-one is about way more than coaching. This is about you taking control of your story. This is about you not walking alone.



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Feel less lonely as you learn how to do this.

Dive into my fun, fresh and judgment-free, 6-day email course. It’s completely free.

Here’s a sneak peek at you’ll find inside:

  • 8 scripts to help you through awkward moments.

  • Over 7 quick tips to help you feel less overwhelmed.

  • Learn the key factor that’s missing in most conversations about race (and what you can do about it, right now).

  • Make THIS smart shift to create conversations about race that feel less lonely.



The opportunity to connect with Krystle felt like a divine spark.  My co-host and I had it in our hearts to have some conversations around race, but we didn't want to come across insincere or insensitive. We wanted to treat this topic with the care and respect it deserves.  So when we connected with Krystle we heard an immediate, "YES."  Krystle has a gift.  Through her palpable vulnerability she holds the space for others to be vulnerable as well.  When you interact with Krystle whether it's through reading her words or with conversation, the walls come down and you know you are safe.  Not only does she create a safe space for discussion topics that could otherwise be hazardous in the wrong conditions, but she KNOWS her stuff.  Her vast knowledge about race relations combined with her experience with mediating conversations, in my book, makes her a much needed voice today on the topic of race in America, and quite frankly, how to be a loving human.

- Heather C.


The Start Talking About Race workshop was valuable because it allowed our entire organization to safely communicate how we imagined people feeling in various situations. All participants took the workshop seriously, and we learned a lot about or school and the lens through which we see the different cultures within our city.

- Wes C.


I was really relieved to hear the fears you described during your interview on the Sorta Awesome podcast and also encouraged that there is a way forward through connection and also challenged to listen to more stories. Your tone was so gracious, I could cry, and yet it spurred me on toward wanting to take an honest look at hard things. 

- Hannah G.



I attended your Normal Talk last night and cannot thank you enough for authentically and bravely sharing your stories, perspectives and suggestions! I filled up an entire napkin full of notes but, more importantly, left feeling inspired, whole, and fulfilled. I thank YOU and appreciate you.

- Rachel I.



Krystle has the unique empathic ability to see people where they are and feel people where they are, all while giving them the space to be seen, heard, validated, and accepted.  This is why she is so good at what she does.  As an interviewer I felt deeply moved by Krystle and convicted of some things in a way that felt 100% safe and not shameful.  This has not happened to me before in my interviewing experience and it was an honor to get to hear from Krystle and be a part of her work!

Additionally, we had several people share the episode through their IG stories and those are no longer available, but the gist of what their feedback was was feeling Seen and Understood so they shared it with their friends.  Our friend Pricilla (@priscilacsmith) is Brazilian who lived in Turkey for years and now lives in the US with her family after being abroad for so long and she was a big fan who shared this sentiment of being understood and impacted positively by the episode.

- Eryn J.

My one-on-one listening session was amazing. I enjoyed talking Krystle, she was very welcoming and open minded. Krystle provided excellent feedback. She made asking the answering those difficult and tough questions feel like I was chatting over tea with one of my besties. If you have not tried [working with Krystle] you are missing out on great, open and honest conversation. I recommend everyone adopt this mission into your workplace atmosphere.

- Ginger N.


As a staff, we were able to open our minds up to each other's perspectives. For the first time we were in a setting where we were putting on ourselves in others' positions and we were slowly able to get a little more comfortable with an uncomfortable subject.

- Anna Leigh S.