You can create connection and belonging in the world today.

I’m here to help you connect more and fear less. Because life is less lonely when our stories are woven together.





How to Create Authentic Connection (even if you’re afraid).

How to Create Authentic Connection - audio training -

Get my free audio training and learn 3 powerful strategies (plus simple scripts) so you can start creating more mindful, stress-relieving conversations about race today.


You belong in this race conversation - online training -

Learn how to create room for more voices (including yours).

Are you an open-hearted human looking for honest, practical tools to help you create belonging instead of separation and fear?

Then my 6-Step U.P.L.I.F.T. Process is for you.

Inside this gently-paced training I’ll show you how to create room for more voices (including yours), build better relationships (even if you’re afraid you’ll say the wrong thing), and carve a path towards connection (even if you’re struggling to find your voice).

I understand what it’s like to feel lost in this journey and you deserve to feel seen, heard, and supported as you learn how to do this. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Ready for less stress?

You’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s draining your energy. Keeping you hesitant. You’re ready to get unstuck and take action. Now.

When we’re confused it’s hard to make conscious choices. So we end up afraid. Afraid we’ll be forgotten. Afraid of saying the wrong thing. Afraid we’ll speak up and not be heard. Afraid that maybe we can’t figure this thing out. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This custom experience is for you if you believe your voice is important and your choices have real impact.

*Limited openings available.

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