Endlessly curious. Ferocious listener. Dedicated to creating connection. Writer. Teacher. Lawyer. Master in Public Policy. Podcast host. Speaker. Thinker. Storyweaver.

My name is Krystle Cobran, and I’m here to help you connect more and fear less.

I can’t wait to listen to you.




Why are you doing this work Krystle?

There is a way to have the race conversation that weaves our stories together. We need doable tips, tools, and skills that help us learn how to listen to one another. We need to stop feeling so forgotten, abandoned, and alone. We need step-by-step support that helps us create connection and feel less lonely. We need clarity, judgement-free spaces to wrestle with hard questions, and spaces where we can talk about race feels like. We’re craving conversations with each other instead of at each other.

What we’re looking for is real, open, honest connection. The kind that weaves our stories together. This isn’t about me lecturing you into a corner. This isn’t about me teaching you how to put on a good show. This isn’t about me fixing you. This is all about you. This is where you get the support you need to create a life where you connect more and fear less. 

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8 Quick Stats

  1. Fully confident that I don’t have all the answers.

  2. Author, The Brave Educator: Honest Conversations About Navigating Race in the Classroom (forthcoming, Routledge/Taylor Francis, Fall 2019).

  3. Laughter keeps me alive.

  4. I’ve designed and taught two conversation-driven undergraduate courses at the intersection of race and the law at The University of Georgia: Race & the Law; American Courts, Race, and Social Issues.

  5. Juris Doctor, The George Washington University Law School.

  6. Hot cups of tea bring me joy. (I’d make you a fresh pot of tea if I could. I’d put brown sugar in it. You’d love it. Maybe pour it over ice. You would sigh with joy. My heart would dance.)

  7. Master of Public Policy, Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy at the College of William and Mary.

  8. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, The University of Florida.


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