Dear event planner,

People in your organization shouldn’t have to waste time and energy talking in circles because you don’t have the right tools.

You’re good people. But it feels like the conversation is going nowhere. The problem isn’t that you’re not capable of having a productive conversation about race.

What you’re missing is practical, customized support that equips you with step-by-step tools for how to have the conversation.

That’s why every message I deliver is story-driven, practical, accessible, and actionable.

You’ll complete my pre-event questionnaire, plus a 30 minute pre-event clarity call, where I’ll listen to your needs, concerns, and priorities and gather more details to make sure the message I deliver is finely tuned to meet your specific needs.

My talks are interactive - which means that your audience (not my opinions) is the focus of the message. I’ll respond to questions and thoughts in live time, while delivering the tools you need to stop talking in circles, get connected, and become empowered to create l inclusion, dialogue, and innovation.

Based on your needs, I will format topics for your next live event, retreat, workshop-style training, or keynote.

Want to hire me?

Click the button. Tell me what you need. Get speaking built to fit your needs.

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