When we feel lonely

I've been thinking about loneliness.

About how when we rise to face our days, somewhere inside, we convince ourselves that the challenges we face, the decisions before us, the relationships that trouble us, are difficulties that must be limited to just us.

But the more we connect; the more we sit together and share moments is the clearly it becomes:

It's just not true that we’re alone in it all.

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What if you gave yourself the acceptance you're hungry for?

I remember sitting there with people I loved, feeling like I just didn't belong. Something in me didn't resonate with the heart of our conversation. 

Pointing fingers, making accusations, gossiping, judging...there was nothing uplifting about it. 

But I was afraid to speak up, because if I did, I was convinced I'd risk losing the thing I wanted most. 

I wanted to belong. 

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Brave isn't fancy

Brave doesn’t look anything like we’d expect. There’s no soaring soundtrack playing in the background, no round of applause ready to roll on queue. Often there’s no one looking at all. There aren’t any expert panels dissecting multiple facets of our decision, or grand announcements to tell the world about our achievement of extraordinary feats.

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Start anyway

You haven’t thought through every single possible outcome. Start anyway.

You’re afraid something’ll go horribly wrong. Start anyway.

You just know someone will attribute incorrect intentions to you. Start anyway.

You’re certain that person will judge you. Start anyway.

You failed miserably the last time you tried. Start anyway…

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