Are you having an ostrich moment too?

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


There are moments in life where I'd rather have an ostrich moment, pretend my tail feathers are my face, and keep on rolling, acting like boundaries aren't really that important.

And I did that. For years.

But recently I've noticed that my tolerance for my own ostrich behavior seems to be evaporating faster than I could have anticipated.

And, honestly, sometimes it irritates me.

Because it feels easier to:

Say yes than to admit that something inside me is hesitating.

Make decisions based on whether I think people will like me more (or less).


Act like I'm OK when really, I need of a moment of joy.

Try to skip to the end of the journey instead of learning how to be in it.

The good news is that tiny choices can help us pull our faces out of the earth and point us towards connecting with reality:

Being present with our own feelings.

Choosing engagement over judgment.

Listening, instead of resting in our assumptions.

Taking a deep breath or a moment to rest.

These tiny choices aren’t always easy - especially in the face of stress - but when we give ourselves space to make an intentional choice (instead of burying our faces in the earth), we get one step closer to creating boundaries that build clarity and connection.