Be gentle so you can connect-the-dots


There is a shift that happens as we begin to have more open conversations rooted in painful life realities. What was a call, becomes a delicate tug on the thread, that grows into a constant pull, and quickly escalates into a full unraveling of the way we thought things were. And as we begin to see, the pieces of what is real separate from what is not and it all begins to fall.

In the middle of the fall, be gentle. We don’t have to tip-toe. We aren’t compelled to pretend that it all remains as it was, but we do need to be intentional. Because if we treat this process of opening up and becoming grounded in reality flippantly; like it’s a casual endeavor we’ve embarked on where we ought to prioritize getting to the end as fast as possible above all else, we will miss our opportunities to connect-the-dots so that we can continue to unravel, emerge, and consciously make different choices.

Don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t know before. Don’t attack yourself for the words you haven’t yet found to say. Be present in it. Stay connected to it. Know that you belong in it. You are capable of journeying through.