Brave isn't fancy

Brave isn't fancyKC_SocialTemplate_3.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


Brave doesn’t look anything like we’d expect.

There’s no soaring soundtrack playing in the background, no round of applause ready to roll on queue.

Often there’s no one looking at all.

There aren’t any expert panels dissecting multiple facets of our decision, or grand announcements to tell the world about our achievement of extraordinary feats.


There’s you. Me. A choice. The unknown.

There’s choosing to speak when it would be so much simpler to remain silent. There’s choosing to cultivate understanding where it would be easier to dismiss someone outright. There’s taking deep breaths to regulate ourselves so that we can keep moving through the challenge.

There are moments of deep thought and quiet contemplation. There’s the vulnerability of reaching out to trusted sources to ask for support. There’s the courage of choosing to show up.

Brave isn’t fancy. It’s not splashy. And it’s definitely not picture-perfect.

Brave isn’t focused on how things look. Brave digs down, and focuses our attention on the way things are so that we can choose to create the things we wish could be.