Don't hide your tired

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


We live in a culture that promotes endless effervescence. We turn on social media, and there’s an endless stream of energized, happy faces ready to conquer the next mountain.

But the truth is that sometimes, we get tired.

Maybe that sense of feeling weary and needing a break isn’t something to run from. Sometimes, our weariness is calling us towards the very growth we’re craving.


Telling us to trust the process and not race to get to the end destination. Encouraging us to pay closer attention to our surroundings instead of living in a state of perpetual distraction. Helping us carve out space to listen to our own voice and the voices around us so we can build relationships grounded in everyday reality instead of assumption.

Our weariness is trying to get us to pay attention.

So instead of hiding your tired, ask, What is my weariness asking me to pay closer attention to?