Exhaustion isn't failure - it's an invitation

Exhaustion isnt a failure KC_SocialTemplate_3.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


There is a tiredness that seeps through bones and into the soul. The kind we carry in each breath, feel with every step.

When we get this tired, it's difficult to see the light. To remember that what we feel in this moment will not be what we feel in every moment to come.

Perhaps it's the cold or warmth of this particular season. Maybe it has something to do with managing daily responsibilities, and tending to relationships, while leaning into the unknown.

Whatever it may be, this exhaustion is clearly calling us towards something. Because here’s the thing:

Exhaustion isn't failure, it's an invitation.


Rather than being hard on ourselves for feeling weary, maybe together we can lean into this invitation and discover a moment of rest and connection. Uncover a truth we couldn’t have seen walking down any other path. Reach out and connect new in ways.

Perhaps in this moment, the exhaustion is an invitation for us to rest, to feel, to process, to trust, to let go for a bit and be right here, in this present moment, so we can consciously choose what we want to create next.