For when you just can't find the words

Photo credit: AOP Photography

Photo credit: AOP Photography


When we can’t find the words it’s easy to think I don’t have anything meaningful to say. Or The way they say it is so much more eloquent. Or Until I know everything I can’t say anything.

But when we can’t find the words that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with us. That there’s something we need to do. Or that there’s anything wrong with our words at all.

When the words won’t come, perhaps we’re: 


Taking care to listen. 

Choosing to respond deliberately instead of reacting.

Or we might be weaving words together within us so that we can prepare ourselves to speak. 

When the words don’t come immediately it’s not necessarily a sign that we’re lacking something.

Sometimes, it means we’re investing the time, energy, and commitment required to speak words that flow from the depths of who we are. 

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