I was so completely wrong about what leadership is

I was so completely wrong about what leadership isKC_SocialTemplate_2.png

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I've been thinking a lot about leadership lately. Growing up, I had a picture in my head about what leadership was. What being "in charge" looked like. 

Being a leader meant being cold and distant. Detaching yourself from the emotions and needs of people around you. Fixing "problems" which was usually code for eliminating things and people you didn't like from your circle of influence. Ignoring different opinions. Doing everything you could to make sure you came out on top. No matter the cost. 

If this is what leadership is then I had very little interest in being a leader

Still don't.

I want to be a person. A human who cares about what people think because I care about who they are.


Someone who listens because she understands loneliness and believes that part of the purpose of pain is to open our eyes to the love we can choose give. A being who sees people and offers them the kindness she's willing to learn to give to herself. 

What I thought was leadership was really fear trying to hide itself in insecurity

This was a revelation to me. A revelation that set me free to begin discovering what leadership really is. 

Leadership is you and me walking beside each other, choosing to listen and truly understand each other as we journey together

You are a leader. 

I am a leader. 

We learn to lead when we choose to show up to life as ourselves. 

That is what makes you a leader. 

Right where you are. Today.