Just in case you're avoiding a difficult conversation

Just in case you're avoiding a difficult conversationKC_SocialTemplate_4.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


Just in case you find yourself avoiding a difficult conversation today, remember this:

The joy we seek is on the other side of being willing to tell the truth about how we feel.

Sometimes, without meaning to, we run from joy by ducking challenging conversations. I mean, why would we dive face-first into a talking about something hard when what we’re really craving is comfort?


Because when we run from difficult conversations, we deprive ourselves of the connection we need to push through to joy.

This doesn't mean that there's a fairy tale ending. And it doesn't mean that in one fell swoop everything will be solved. And the connection we’re looking for might not come from the person we’re reaching towards. (Hint: Sometimes it starts within ourselves.)

But being more honest with people in our everyday life helps us to be more honest with ourselves. And that choice takes us one step closer to joy.