Just keep breathing

Photo credit: AOP Photography

Photo credit: AOP Photography


Learning how to build mutually nourishing relationships with humans from cultural backgrounds we’re unfamiliar with can be overwhelming. We begin to experience new realities, more deeply understand perspectives we missed, and over time, our entire world begins to shift.

In the middle of this shift we can get stuck; believing that our failure is rooted in not knowing what we now know.

Or we can stay in it. Embracing the process of learning more deeply. Listening to the questions within ourselves and reaching for resources we haven’t reached for before. We can let ourselves sink into the unknown beauty of discovery, as we grapple with facts and realities we couldn’t quite see before coming to this particular place. We can journey and learn to hold complexity by steadily adding to our understanding block-by-block, instead of dismissing our ability to grow because it all feels like too much.

Just keep breathing.