Our expectations have more power than we think they do

Our expectations have more power than we think they doKC_SocialTemplate_4.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


Our expectations have a lot more impact than we give ourselves credit for. So often when we’re about to head into a conversation about race, we’re bracing for the worst.

We’re prepared to feel forgotten, left behind, and misunderstood. We’re convinced that we’re going to walk away feeling way worse than when we entered the conversation. We’re thinking about past conversations that went horribly wrong and unresolved, devastating breaches in boundaries that violated our dignity.


We need to be real, honest, and tend to wounds with integrity, kindness, and consistency.

But if the way things have been dictate every facet of our expectations about what can be, then we’ve limited our ability to cultivate shared perspective and increased understanding.

Value your experiences. Respect your perspective. And reach for what you haven’t discovered as yet. As our arms extend, we’ll find that instead of our conversations about race being contained by our expectations, we can begin to have conversations about race where there’s room to build mutual respect, dignity, and shared understanding.

Be real, be honest, and be willing to choose what you want to create.