Start anyway

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


You haven’t thought through every single possible outcome. Start anyway.

You’re afraid something’ll go horribly wrong. Start anyway.

You just know someone will attribute incorrect intentions to you. Start anyway.

You’re certain that person will judge you. Start anyway.

You failed miserably the last time you tried. Start anyway.

You felt so embarrassed when you said that. Start anyway.

You had no idea you were so horribly misinformed. Start anyway.


You can’t believe you missed this. Start anyway.

You’re terrified no one will listen. Start anyway.

You’ve been feeling overwhelmed by guilt. Start anyway.

You just don’t know how things will turn out. Start anyway.

Start listening.

Start reading.

Start watching.

Start processing.

Start respecting your own thoughts.

Start valuing the experiences and perspectives of the humans around you.

Start letting go of the way you think things have to be and wading through the reality of the way things are.

Start. Start walking towards connection so you can start feeling less alone.