Stuck in gear? Remember that you have needs.

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


You have needs. Needs like:


When we ignore our needs we get stuck in gear. Not because we need to try harder.

When we ignore our needs, we end up sacrificing ourselves. Literally.

And when we demand more (and more) from ourselves without giving ourselves what we need, we end up - you guessed it - frustrated.

So what in the world are we supposed to do about our frustration?

Give ourselves tiny booster shots of love.


Here's how this works.

Instead of saving up rest for that long-awaited vacation, start by heading to bed five minutes earlier than usual.

Instead of waiting until you having all of the answers before you begin, start by spending one minute (I mean it, set a timer) focusing on one thing you love about yourself.

Instead of running from thing to thing, focusing on trying to make everyone happy, listen to an audio book chapter or podcast episode you love.

Instead of waiting for that person to change before you can be happy, start by doing one small thing today that brings you joy (e.g. sing like you're onstage at Coachella, walk around your bedroom like you're on a runway, dance in your kitchen like you're auditioning for Broadway, read that book, see that movie...).

Sometimes when we're frustrated, the best thing we can do for anyone - including ourselves - is one small thing to meet our own needs.