The stumble is not the end

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There are moments in life when we stumble. When we find ourselves facing a challenge, and we don’t follow through in the way we thought we would.

It can feel embarrassing. Especially if we’ve spend a lot of time thinking about how things should be (or how we’d do things better than that person) and then we find ourselves laying flat on our face. But maybe it’s not embarrassing. Maybe it’s not the end.


Maybe stumbling is part of how we learn. Maybe the weaknesses we discover are tiny seedlings waiting to be nourished into new strengths. Maybe there are lessons we would have missed but for the stumble. Relationships we wouldn’t value quite so much. Pain we wouldn’t tend to.

Maybe the stumble isn’t the end after all. Maybe, just maybe, the stumble is the feeling we get as the page is turning and another sentence is about to begin.