Think it shouldn't be this hard?

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


We tend to believe that meaningful and important work should also be inherently simple. Then, when we run into the natural challenges that accompany any project worth doing, we begin to believe that perhaps that conversation, that task, or that goal just isn’t worth our effort. Because if it were, then it wouldn’t be this hard.

What if the opposite is true? What if the difficulty that comes with doing meaningful and important work is, in fact, part of the process of digging deep?


What if the awkwardness of that conversation is a sign that we need to create more tools, cultivate more shared understanding? What if that project that’s heading sideways is trying to tell us that we’re stumbling into a knowledge gap that needs to be filled in? What if the hazy confusion that surrounds that task or goal is really just an invitation to get creative about our approach?

Meaningful and important work isn’t always simple, because meaningful and important work demands that we embrace the adventure of digging deep into what we haven’t yet seen.