This is the luxury good you've been looking for

This is the luxury good you've been looking forKC_SocialTemplate_2.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


Have you ever found yourself in a season of life where you were endlessly running from thing to thing? This person thinks my priority should be X, so I’d better focus on getting that done. That person doesn’t seem to be as happy with me as they used to, so maybe I need to alter how I’m spending my time. The commercial says that having a beautiful life requires that I go here, buy this, and do that, so I’d better adjust my spending priorities…

It’s overwhelming and depleting. Constantly shifting based how we think we look instead of making conscious choices that reflect the values in our heart creates unending chaos.


What we’re missing is the chance to be still. To quiet the noise. To close our eyes and breath deep into our bones. To resist our hyper-focus on What’s Next? and instead give ourselves permission to inhabit this present moment.

The quiet stillness of coming to a moment at rest is the luxury good we’re craving. And we have the power to give it to ourselves. Right now. Go for a walk. Look up at the sky. Take a deep breath. And allow your life the beauty of a moment at rest.
But being more honest with people in our everyday life helps us to be more honest with ourselves. And that choice takes us one step closer to joy.