Want to build stronger relationships? Start here.

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


We all want stronger relationships. Relationships that feel solid and strong, where it’s safe to make a mistake.

But we sometimes we forget that safe and meaningful relationships take time to build. These relationships demand that we come to the table with clarity of purpose. We don’t need to know everything, but we do need to cultivate a growing understanding inside of ourselves about what we need, why we need it, what we want to give, and what we’re willing to receive from the relationships that we’re in.

Ask these 3 questions:

What does this relationship mean to me?

Why am I in this relationship?

What am I willing to pour into this relationship?

When we aren’t willing to explore these questions within ourselves, we risk building relationships that rest upon a cloudy sense of uncertainty. We end up looking to the people around us to tell us how we should feel instead of making decisions that reflect what we value.


These may not be the easiest questions to sit with, but the honesty we’re willing to give ourselves directly influences our ability to make the conscious choice to invest in relationships that generate stability and safety, or to make different choices in our relationships so that we can open the door to the growth and connection we crave.