Want to have better conversations?

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Want Less Stress, More Connection?


There’s an odd dynamic can pop up in our conversations. Especially the conversations that cut close to our souls.

Gears begin to shift upwards as our minds begin to whirl. We can so easily become preoccupied with being right - or at bare minimum making sure we look more right than the next person - that we lose track of who we and what we value, and become consumed with winning the dialogue, instead of having a real dialogue.

We stop focusing on the words being spoken, and begin to focus on how (we think) we look. We detach ourselves from the present moment, and forget about the importance of creating context grounded in reality. We push past our own internal boundaries, believing that we have to do whatever it takes to appear right.

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“…there’s a real person standing at the other end of our words.”

- via @KrystleCobran


Asking an open and honest question has the power to help us pause. When we ask a question (note: a genuine question where we’re actually interested in hearing the answer), we’re forced to step back into the present moment. Asking a question helps us to take a breath. To think. To process. And to feel. The mere act of thinking about a question we really want to ask us helps us to remember why we got into the conversation in the first place, and that there’s a real person standing at the other end of our words.

Asking more questions can help us have better conversations.