We can find our way to connection together

we can find our way to connection togetherKC_SocialTemplate_4.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


I wish I could tell you that I'm an endless vat of courage. That when new or tough things come up, my first reaction is always to stand tall and run towards the challenge.

I guess I could say that, but it wouldn't be true.

Not even a little.

The truth is that talking about difficult things is hard. It's scary because we're trying to figure out how we feel on the inside while finding the words to connect on the outside.

I used to respond to the impulse to run by disconnecting. Immediately. I thought that feeling fear meant I was afraid and therefore I couldn't move forward.

I am learning that feeling afraid doesn't always mean that I am afraid. Sometimes, just maybe, it means that I get to make a choice. That I get to discover something, someone, some place, some stage or experience of life I've never known before.

And that, the embracing of the not knowing, is changing everything.


I wish I could sit and talk with you. That I could take you for a cup of tea and we'd laugh and cry together. So, here's a virtual mug of love from me to you.

Maybe you're feeling on top of the world at this moment, maybe you're feeling afraid. Either way, please know that I'm right there with you in all of it. I don't know all the answers either.

Maybe we can find our way to connection together.