When we make belonging a priority, we're choosing to see each other

When we make belonging a priority, we're choosing to see each otherKC_SocialTemplate_3.png

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


Belonging is a beautiful thing. Not in a flippant way, but in the fundamental-to-keeping-sight-of-the-humanity-we-share kind of way.

When we make belonging a priority, we’re choosing to see each other. See the stories we’ve missed. See the growth we’ve glossed over. See the truths it would be far more convenient to ignore. See the reality that every choice we make has an impact on ourselves and the world around us.

So often we look at belonging as something we get, but belonging is also something we carry with us.

Our ability to look someone new in the eye and listen, our choice to add one more chair at the lunch table, our decision to show up even when it would be easier to pretend we forgot. These are choices that build belonging. These are the choices that expand the world we share.


Belonging is part of what helps us create connections informed by reality of what we choose and who we are. (True, we may end up deciding that the healthiest thing to do after getting to know a bit more about the person we’re connecting with is to erect a clear and healthy boundary, but clear and healthy boundaries are key components of the relationships we treasure too.)

So choose to live your life with belonging. Give it to yourself, and give it to the humans and stories that surround you. Give belonging to the humans and stories you have yet to truly see or begin to understand. Live with belonging because it carves a path away from the confusion that hiding in the familiar feeds.