When we're lifting a heavy load

When we're lifting a heavy loadKC_SocialTemplate_1.png

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I needed to move something pretty heavy from one spot to another. This item is physically larger than I am, and frankly, the sheer disproportion between me and it was enough of an excuse to tell myself that it was immovable.

But there was something in me that knew it wasn’t. When I looked behind my fear, what I saw were lots and lots of questions.

Did I need to ask for help? Did I need to wait until I could come up with another solution? Or did I need to take a deep breath, bend my knees, and lift from my core?


When we’re lifting a heavy load, it can be easy to focus on the size of the load. To fixate on how huge the challenge in front of us seems to be. But when we peek behind the load before us, sometimes what’s hiding are the questions we need to let bubble to the surface so we can decide what to do next.

The questions might feel like a flood. Like even more challenges we need to deal with. But the questions are there to help us shift gears from wondering whether there’s anything we can do, to taking action and making an intentional choice.

Once I let the questions simmer, I was able to make a choice.

Apparently, it wasn’t immovable after all.