When we're too busy to listen

when we're too busy to listen - blog post - krystlecobran.com

Want Less Stress, More Connection?


Life isn’t easy to navigate. There are days when it feels like endless demands, expectations, and priorities are pulling on us from all angles.

When we feel like the sides of life are pushing in, we begin to wonder what we can eliminate. What can we sacrifice without risking our productivity - our ability to check another item off the list?

Pressure creeps higher. Stress sinks deeper. And we become convinced that some things just aren’t necessary. At least not right now. We don’t really need to listen to what they’re saying, let’s just cut to the point. We don’t need to stop what we’re doing to look that person in the eye. They know we care because we’re here.

We don’t have time to listen; we’re too busy.

But when we get too busy to listen, we sacrifice nuance. We sacrifice the tiny details that weave the threads of connection that bind us. We sacrifice an opportunity to add another brick to the foundation of mutual sharing and belonging that is almost impossible to build without intentionally pouring our time and attention into the relationship.


When we’re too busy to listen, what we’re really saying is:

Connection isn’t a priority for me right now.

There are moments when our best option is to decide that listening isn’t a priority. But let’s be sure we’re making a conscious choice.

Because the momentary decision to listen when we feel pressed in by life has the power to shift the entire course of our conversations.