Carve out space to be with your own thoughts

Photo credit: AOP Photography

Photo credit: AOP Photography


We place a premium on the big moments. On being able to tell our friends and loved ones that we’ve achieved a monumental goal. But the moments that add up to create change don’t happen in the spotlight.

The spotlight highlights whether or not we’re prepared. Which means that the moment of achieving the big goal isn’t where the real work lies.

The work that leads up to the achievement is in the innumerable moments that have come before the big moment. In carving out space to be with our own thoughts. In our willingness to examine our priorities and choices to determine whether they align with what we really value. In our ability to pause, stop, think, and reach out to ask for what we need instead of sticking to the script of what we think we’re supposed to say.

These are real skills. Skills that we often overlook, but that remain essential and invaluable if we want to make choices that help us connect-the-dots between where we are and where we want to go.

Maybe instead of placing such a premium on making big leaps forward, we need to place more value in the everyday steps we take. To learn something new instead of sitting in the comfort of what we know. To participate in that conversation instead of using comparison to silence our voices. To slice through the noise of what we thought we were supposed to do or be and instead make the decision to show up.

Progress happens in many incremental steps that add up to form the change we want to create. We need to take time and space to be with our own thoughts, so we can make sure that the choices we make are pointing us in the direction of the goals we want to achieve.