Stay open

Photo credit: AOP Photography

Photo credit: AOP Photography


There are moments when opportunity walks through the door. When the chance to do something we may have always dreamed of presents itself in a moment we completely did not expect.

It might be a conversation with a loved one we hoped for but never thought would happen. It might be a decision to shift something in our lives that we thought might never change. It could be opening up and saying hello to someone we never thought we’d have the opportunity to build a relationship with.

Stay open. Stay open to what might be. Stay open to what could become. Even in the midst of your disappointment and the ebbs and flows of life so that you can respond with conscious choice when the moment arrives and the door slips open.

It’s alright to face the disappointment. It’s human to feel. But in the midst of it all, we can choose to stay in the process and remain open to what might be.