When the hard patch comes


It happens to us all. One moment we’re having a great conversation. The next we’re tip-toeing around.

It’s the hard patch in the conversation.

The hard patch comes when we’re not sure what to say next.

The hard patch begins when our voices evaporate into mist because we’re afraid.

We enter the hard patch when we start to lose sight of who we are, and why we’re even in the conversation to begin with.

But the hard patch is just that; one piece of the journey. It’s a part - not the whole.

But in the moment, the most difficult portions of a conversation can feel like the entire thing. All we can focus on. And it makes complete sense that the hard patch would command so much of our attention.

Sometimes the hard patch hurts.

We can take a break, and agree to circle back.

We can take a breath, and give ourselves the opportunity to check in on our heart. We can give ourselves space and time to think, so we focus our energy on creating more of what we want.

We can recognize that the difficulty we’re experiencing might just be part of the process of learning how to create meaningful connection.

So the hard patch can be the end of the conversation. Or it might be the beginning of a discovery we couldn’t have learnt any other way.