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Talking about race is something many of us dread - never mind talking about race in a group setting.

But when we avoid the race conversation because we’re afraid, we risk clogged communication pipelines (because we’re tip-toeing around the issue instead of dealing with it), lowered productivity (because we’re stressed out and avoiding each other so we don’t have to deal with it), and making decisions based on our assumptions instead of the actual human needs (because we’re trapped in the belief that good intentions are enough to make the problem go away).




Let’s be real.

No one wants to have a conversation about race that leaves them feeling depleted, worn down, forgotten, and misunderstood.

No leader wants to bring someone in to lead a facilitated dialogue about race, only to have to deal with lower morale, shut down communication, and widespread confusion.

We want to do good. We want to create connection and belonging in our communities. We want to create inclusion and not division. And even though there are endless opinions about what that should look like, there are very few resources to help socially-conscious organizations figure out the HOW.

How do we have conversations about race that clear communication pipelines?

How do we understand perspectives and experiences we’re unfamiliar with?

How do we make sure that we’re not just checking-the-box?

How do we connect-the-dots between living out our mission and closing the gaps that separate us (both inside our organization and among the communities we serve)?

How do we move beyond supposed, and good intentions, towards building connection and belonging with every choice we make?

How do we make sure we don’t say the wrong thing?




Get a workshop designed to meet your specific needs.

You need a calm, safe space to begin to tackling hard questions.

You need concrete next-steps that are doable, clear, and custom-fit.

You need tools you can use again-and-again to communicate effectively and build shared understanding with unfamiliar perspectives.

You need stress-relief, a morale boost, and engaging dialogue that leaves you feeling energized and empowered.

You need solutions at are rooted in reality - not in detached assumptions.

That’s why my workshops begin with listening to you.

You don’t need cookie-cutter solutions.

You don’t need my assumptions or personal opinions.

Forget piling on the pressure and shaming ourselves (and each other) for what we don’t know.

I leverage all of my skills and experience to meet you right where you are.

Every workshop I design and deliver is laser-focused on you, your team, and meeting your specific needs.

Do you need real connection that delivers results?

Pick the workshop that fits your needs.

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Leadership Clarity Workshop

2-hour, stress-relieving leadership workshop built to provide clear action-steps for socially conscious leaders who feel overwhelmed, disoriented, unsure about what to do next.

starting at $999

Clear the Pipelines Group Workshop

3-hour, in-person, interactive group workshop designed for teams who are tired of tip-toeing around the race conversation and need a safe space to gain clarity, ask hard questions, and get the tools you need to have productive dialogue about race.

starting at $1799

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Connect-the-Dots Group Intensive

Full-day, in-person, intensive workshop for socially-conscious teams facing clogged communication pipelines, struggling to overcome frustration who need to create a step-by-step game plan to move forward.

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