Support that starts with listening to you.

You’re not interested in checking-the-box. You’re looking for real connection. Training for your leadership & team that isn’t forced or superficial. Engaging and witty conversations that increase productivity and boost communication. You’re hungry for more clarity and discovery, less confusion and stress. I’m here to help.


You deserve outside-the-box support

Your organization is one-of-a-kind. Your challenges exist within your specific culture. You value innovation and productivity, and aren’t interested in the show. You care about creating real connection. Good news: nothing about our work together is about checking boxes. This is about meeting your very real needs. Our work together is nuanced, layered, and hands-on. Our work is a deep and meaningful journey. That’s why I only work with a limited number of organizations each year.

What’s Included?

  • private (and confidential) leadership consultations to help you connect-the-dots and stop feeling stuck

  • replace this with that actionable recommendations to help you replace division with belonging

  • detailed brainstorming & customized idea development to promote ongoing growth

  • connection-boosting facilitated dialogue

  • framework(s) designed specifically to match your organizational needs and priorities

The custom support I design for you and your team may include:

  • detailed pre-workshop leadership needs assessment

  • individual team member pre-workshop needs assessment

  • stress-relieving decompression sessions

  • pre-workshop strategy call with leadership team

  • post-workshop strategic planning support

  • pre-workshop just-for-your-team audio-training

  • specific techniques for managing stress during uncomfortable conversations

  • in-workshop Ask Me Anything segments

  • scripts to help leadership lead with clarity instead of uncertainty

  • scripts to help team members verbalize needs and navigate discomfort

  • interactive conversation circles to boost connection and productivity

  • pre-workshop listening sessions/conference calls with leadership team

  • pre-workshop listening sessions/conference calls with organizational team members

  • hands-on support to ensure you feel seen

  • open-hearted, intimate in-workshop storytelling

  • pre-workshop curated reading and media recommendations specifically for your your team

  • learn by actually having the conversation (instead of talking about needing to have the conversation)

  • gentle check-ins to make sure you and your team feel seen, heard, and supported

  • post-workshop follow-up with support strategies and recommendations

  • confusion-alleviating communication support

  • judgment-free space to ask difficult questions and get real answers

  • active strategy support to help you navigate high-stress periods


Start Talking About Race Workshop

90-minutes. in-person. custom group workshop. contact for pricing.

2 openings currently available.


This 90-minute interactive workshop is for teams who are tip-toeing around each other because you’re afraid you’ll say the wrong thing. Our story-driven conversation is designed to begin answering questions you’ve been afraid to ask out loud without shame, judgment, or finger-pointing. Ready to offload stress and start feeling refreshed?

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Lead with Clarity Workshop

2 hours. in-person. custom group workshop. contact for pricing.

3 openings currently available.


Is your leadership team confused about how to create productive conversations about race in the workplace? Do you feel so ill-prepared to lead the race conversation that you’re avoiding it to the detriment of your productivity? Confusion at the top trickles down to your entire organization. This private workshop is specifically for leaders who need a safe space to ask difficult questions without being afraid you’ll erode the respect of your team. Stop feeling overwhelmed by confusion. It’s time to take action and get clarity.

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How to Create Connection Workshop

3 hours. in-person. custom group workshop. contact for pricing.

2 openings currently available.


Are you tired of talking at each other? Around each other? Feeling like your conversations about race in the workplace are going in circles? Is your team done with feeling shut down and disconnected? Then this workshop is for you. I’ll identify your biggest challenges and carve a path through to help you stop talking at each other and start connecting with each other.

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I was nervous about the Start Talking About Race workshop. I think my whole group was a little nervous. Most of my group was white. Krystle led us in an activity that was thought provoking and felt natural and possible for us. She listened very deeply, and very gently. At the end of the workshop I felt a sense of relief, and a good feeling of having moved a step forward in the right direction.

- Eleanor D.

The workshop allowed our team to address weighty, baggage-laden ideas and experiences with vulnerability, empathy, and insight. The self-driven, judgement-less orientation of the workshop allows for the challenges it addresses to be undertaken with unique authenticity.

- Ian W.



I was hesitant at first to talk about Race being one of 3 minorities in the session. I approached it with much trepidation for many reasons, but after a few minutes I realized that I had to feel all the things I was feeling in order to truly be vunerable and show my heart to those in the session with me. It definitely required an extraordinary amount of bravery, but I walked away being so very glad I did it.

- Jami W.