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Illustration credit: Eleanor Davis

Illustration credit: Eleanor Davis


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Episode 1: This Native American Woman is still here. It's time to listen. 


Episode 2: Two humans sat down to talk about race. One is a pastor. The other is not.


Episode 3: Brave Moments: So I forgot to introduce myself. 


Episode 4: The magic of admitting that we just don't know. A tender conversation. 


Episode 5: Three women sit down for a wide open safe conversation about race. 


Episode 6: Two humans of color explore living, loving, and navigating difficult conversations together. 


Episode 7: Brave Moments: The tiny question that shifts difficult conversations from impossible to doable


Episode 8: Two humans sit down to talk about stereotypes, assumptions, curiosity, and prevailing through it all. They're married. 


Episode 9: Two women talk about competition, belonging, integrity, and showing up right where we are. 


Episode 10: Two humans of color explore grassroots campaigning, learning to listen, and finding tiny moments of rest.


Episode 11: Brave Moments: Uncovering the power of showing up as who we really are


Episode 12: When two humans who aren’t supposed to be friends become family.


Episode 13: Two women explore personal responsibility, shared humanity, and taking action together.


Episode 14: Two humans discuss grassroots activism, womanhood, identity and belonging.


Episode 15: Brave Moments: Releasing the Myth of Doing It All.


Episode 16: Brave Moment: Special Edition


Episode 17: Discovering our Power to Run Towards Connection instead of Fear.


Episode 18: Choosing courage, being still, and showing up to life as ourselves.


Episode 19: How to be Brave: Create Belonging


Episode 20: How art cracks open human stories.


Episode 21: How to be Brave: Finding Words when it Seems Impossible.