I was nervous about the Start Talking About Race workshop. I think my whole group was a little nervous. Most of my group was white. Krystle led us in an activity that was thought provoking and felt natural and possible for us. She listened very deeply, and very gently. At the end of the workshop I felt a sense of relief, and a good feeling of having moved a step forward in the right direction.
— Eleanor Davis
I was hesitant at first to talk about Race being one of 3 minorities in the session. I approached it with much trepidation for many reasons, but after a few minutes I realized that I had to feel all the things I was feeling in order to truly be vulnerable and show my heart to those in the session with me. It definitely required an extraordinary amount of bravery, but I walked away being so very glad I did it.
— Jami Washington
The workshop allowed our team to address weighty, baggage-laden ideas and experiences with vulnerability, empathy, and insight. The self-driven, judgement-less orientation of the workshop allows for the challenges it addresses to be undertaken with unique authenticity.
— Ian White
This was a valuable experience to process how we discuss race in a setting where race is a constant part of the conversation, but is often tiptoed around. The one-on-one session was a valuable time to practice some strategies that would allow me to actively engage people of various backgrounds on the topic of race.
— Wes Cooper