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This is just about the last thing Krystle ever thought she would find herself doing. But building two undergraduate political science courses at the intersection of race & the law from scratch changed everything.

Krystle stumbled face first into the reality that in order to connect more, and fear less we’ve got to have spaces where we share our stories. Where abstract facts are transformed into palpable human experiences that irrevocably weave our lives together. Krystle developed her approach standing in the classroom. Positive feedback from students pushed her to create a business that transforms frustration and unspoken pain into connection.

Krystle brings a broad skill-set to her work, including her Juris Doctor from The George Washington University Law School, a Master of Public Policy from The College of William and Mary, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The University of Florida, and experience working as a judicial law clerk in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. Her love of writing, storytelling, incessant curiosity, craving for reading and research, passion for live speaking, and deeply empathetic listening flow into every facet of her business.


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Photography credit: Amanda Olivia Photography

Photography credit: Amanda Olivia Photography

Photography credit: Amanda Olivia Photography

Photography credit: Amanda Olivia Photography


Two guest podcasts + One blog feature

Just-in-case you’d like to hear Krystle’s voice or read a few words written elsewhere

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