One-on-one support that focuses on you.

Coaching doesn’t quite describe our work together.

This is me, climbing down into the hole with you. Walking with you, without judging you, and supplying the tools, perspective, tips, conversation, encouragement, feedback, and resources you need every step of the way. I take on very few one-on-one clients because this isn’t light work. It’s life work. This is about you embracing who you are and taking control of your story as you learn how to connect more, and fear less.

Click the button. I’ll deliver the listening ear, custom support, nuanced perspective, clarity, and hands-on support you need.


Create a life filled with more connection, less fear.

I’ll respond to your precise needs, perspective, and questions with support, honesty, and tenderness. Please note: I work with a very limited number of one-on-one clients at a time.


(example list cont’d)

  • done-for-you scripts designed to fit your specific worries & fears

  • do-this-next recommendations

  • one-on-one private phone calls

  • one-on-one private video conference calls

  • private, just-for-you audio training to support you as we build momentum

  • you + me reading companionship sessions combined deep conversation sessions designed to help you connect-the-dots

  • bi-weekly designed-for-you support calls

  • S.O.S. support calls to help you navigate high-stress periods (e.g. holiday gatherings, difficult conversations etc.)

What’s included?

This is intensely personal support designed to fit your specific needs.

You’re not a duplicate. There’s no one else with precisely your life experience, questions, or needs. Working with me one-on-one is a custom experience designed to meet you where you are.

Here are a few examples of what may be included in the support I design for you:

  • individualized in-depth needs assessment

  • pre-call let’s get ready stress-relieving recommendations

  • identifying your vision and goals

  • creating clarity and actionalble strategies to support your vision and goals

  • customized listening sessions to lower frustration and get you unstuck

  • strategic planning support to promote long-term growth

  • intimate, confidential conversations (no pretending or superficial dialogue)

  • stress relief

  • gentle shifts in perspective to boost connection

  • hands-on support to ensure you feel seen

  • clarity boosting 20-minute support calls to help you keep momentum

  • tailored-to-you reading and media recommendations

  • learn through storytelling and conversation

  • consistent & gentle check-ins to make sure you feel seen, heard, and supported

  • personalized post-call follow-up with support resources included

  • judgment-free space to ask hard questions and get real answers without feeling ashamed for what you didn’t know


Get Clear & Connect Call

one-on-one. 90-minutes. 5 openings currently available. $297


Got questions and you’re itching to talk about? Without feeling judged or shamed when you open your mouth? Ready to feel seen and understood? I’m here to help you get unstuck and start taking action.

Our time together is sacred. Before we hop on your call, you’ll fill out a private in-depth needs assessment. And on the day of our call you’ll offload stress as you walk away feeling refreshed and supported. Stop spinning your wheels. Get the clarity you’ve been craving.

Click the button.

*Limited availability

Lead Like Only You Do™

one-on-one. 3 months. 2 openings currently available. contact for pricing.


Here’s the thing: You’re the only person who can lead like you. But when you’re busy pressuring yourself to have all the answers, it’s hard to find your voice. Are you tired of pretending to be satisfied? Weary of saying yes when you mean no? Are you ready to build forward momentum? Tired of tip-toeing around difficult questions? I’m here to help you offload stress, increase clarity, boost productivity, and find your voice so you can lead like only you do.

Learn how to identify your specific stumbling blocks, and start getting unstuck. Discover how to bring new life and vivacity into your everyday tasks. Get equipped so you can stop avoiding awkward conversations about race that are messing with your productivity. Explore hard questions without losing the respect of your team. I’ll teach you how to transform draining and seemingly impossible challenges into opportunities for growth. Don't lead lonely. Get the hands-on support you need.

Want in? Click the button. Let’s talk.

How to Create a Connected Life™

one-on-one. 6 months. 1 opening currently available. contact for pricing.


You’ve got questions about race. Sticky questions. Questions that you carry with you every single day but that you’re afraid to ask out loud. You watch the news, read the paper, listen to podcasts, follow every person you can because you’re trying to get a grip on this race thing. You desperately want to connect-the-dots but you don’t know where to start.

There are things you just didn’t know. Everyday realities that caught you by surprise. And you don’t know what to do next. You’re weighed down in the pain and stress of it all. You’re tired.

You want clarity. You want to be able to ask questions out loud without burdening anyone or embarrassing yourself. You want to figure out how what you’re learning about race connects to your everyday life choices. You want more than knowledge, you want to connect. You want how you live to match what really matters to you. You want scripts to navigate awkward relationships and difficult conversations. You want to feel listened to. And above all, you don’t want to be manipulated or fixed. You need to be heard.

I’m here to help you start feeling seen and supported.

Ready to connect? Click the button. I’m listening.


I was so blessed by my one-on-one listening session. I felt I was heard and listened to with deep understanding and empathy. I was able to share my experiences with race with no judgement. This was an amazing experience.

- Laura H.

This was a valuable experience to process how we discuss race in a setting where race is a constant part of the conversation, but is often tiptoed around. The one-on-one session was a valuable time to practice some strategies that would allow me to actively engage people of various backgrounds on the topic of race.

- Wes C.


You say…

Krystle was incredibly calming and made me feel totally safe while talking to her. I was able to ask questions I have never been able to ask anyone and I was able to express concerns that I have had most of my life. My session with Krystle was free of judgment and fear.

- Anna Leigh S.


Your story is important to me.